The loop impact method for dominant feedback analysis is explored in a number of online simulations at ISEE exchange using the software Stella Architect:

  • Limits to Growth. Introduction to loop impact using a first order (one stock) model. Based on figure 2, Hayward & Boswell (2014); figure 13 Hayward & Roach (2018).
  • Gone with the Wind. A loop impact analysis of a single second-order balancing loop using a love relationship from the well-known book and film of that name.
  • Inventory Workforce. Loop impact method applied to a second order (two stock) model with oscillations. Based on figure 14, Hayward & Roach (2018).
  • Overshoot and Collapse. Feedback dominance in a classic system dynamics archetype.
  • Spread of Disease. Feedback dominance in the 3 loop SIR model. Based on figure 21, Hayward (2012).
  • Urban Business Expansion. Loop impact investigation of a standard limits to growth application.