My name is John Hayward. I am a retired university lecturer in mathematics, continuing my research as a visiting fellow at the University of South Wales. I started my career in Astrophysics with a PhD in General Relativity.  Early on in my career, I moved into mathematics, lecturing in Edinburgh Napier and then the  University of Glamorgan (now called South Wales). My primary research is mathematical modelling, especially social movements such as the growth of churches and political parties. My main modelling methodology is system dynamics. As well  as teaching modelling courses, I also taught software engineering, programming, and a range of mathematics courses.

My research in system dynamics uses mathematics and physics to describe model behaviour in terms of model structure, an approach I have described as sociophysics. I first presented the concept of loop impact in 2012 at the International System Dynamics Conference. Subsequently, there has been a number of publications and conference presentations on loop impact and its developments. See publication list

Loop impact and the Newtonian Interpretative Framework are built on previous work in system dynamics, loop dominance analysis and sociophysics.