Welcome to the sociomechanics project, which aims to model social behaviour using ideas from Newtonian Mechanics. Using the system dynamics methodology of stocks, flows, and feedback, concepts such as force, momentum, and energy can give insight into the ways social phenomena change over time.

For example, stock y exerts a force on stock x. Changes in y cause x to accelerate, which is a deviation from uniform change. Read more.

This website gives help on the Loop Impact Method and the Newtonian Interpretive Framework, both used in system dynamics and foundational to sociomechanics.


Limits-to-Growth Model

An application of the loop impact method. What are the regions of loop dominance, and why?


Recent Publications

A Comparison of Loop Dominance Methods: Measures and Meaning – System Dynamics Review, 2024.

The Concept of Energy in the Analysis of System Dynamics Models – System Dynamics Review, 2022.

The Concept of Force in Population Dynamics – Physica A, 2019.


Loop Impact


Newtonian Framework


Soft Variables